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It a good app I like it

Not for iPad

I love the app on my iPhone, but not the iPad version. Can’t see any details, only the summary, pics and reviews... not sure how that’s helpful when the renter doesn’t list out every amenity in the description.

Must Have for Vacations and Trips

An absolute must have app for vacations and trips. Investigate cities, sites, museums, natural wonders restaurants, wineries and places ahead of time or day of. Plan your trip with trip planner or review places or photograph your trip. Large community of users and growing! Look for the Trip Advisor sticker in windows for extra details. Ask questions in forums for best places. Bon Voyage!

Mariners Taverna Tolo Greece

We met Nick at the beach pounding a freshly caught octopus. He invited us to the taverna and we ate the freshest most well prepared octopus we’ve ever eaten! That and prawns in a creme sauce and a grilled snapper that was tasty and delicate. One of the culinary highlights of our Greek travels...

With Locals Best of London Tour with Tom

We were thrilled with Tom's tour of the Best of London. He is the ultimate storyteller, weaving tales of London's fascinating and somewhat sordid history. He spent extra time with us to bring us to his favorite fish and chips restaurant. He also gave us recommendations for additional sightseeing spots. Love love love Tom!!! Cheers!

Love it but.......

This app is always my first stop when deciding on a new restaurant, activity or hotel. And I’m a faithful reviewer. But where in all the links - including FAQ, Contact Us and Support - does one get a real opportunity to ask a specific question, not a generic choice? I have reviewed dozens of restaurants and activities on Hilton Head Island - and according to the search location option this area does not exist. I cannot look up any past reviews although there was no problem writing them. So please answer these 2 questions: How do I access my past reviews for Hilton Head? How does one address specific questions that will actually get answered? Thank you!!! Bunnyyoop


TripAdvisor helped my Husband and I plan our entire honeymoon! It was so nice knowing what was around us, how much it cost to get into certain events or museums. We are already using the app to help us plan our next trip!

Hyatt Regency Jersey City

The worst bed and pillow I have experienced ever! If you are looking for a good night’s sleep not only won’t you have that, but also have a backache the next day.

Trouble submitting reviews

iPad 4, iOS 11.. app will not let me submit review, no error code only keeps asking me to agree to policy, when I click cancel, the app stalls.

Reviews by unknowledgeable and/or pretentious foodies.

Why would you rely on anyone you don’t know to tell you how good a restaurant is in a foreign country. When I read a review of a restaurant I know well in Florence, a review which said it wasn’t a “real Italian” restaurant because it didn’t have veal parmigiana, it sort of summed up what the problems are.

No longer. - Excellent app and site

I have used TA forever! Unfortunately, the app drives me nuts! Does anyone else find that while scrolling through pics and they haven’t loaded all the way the roll starts from the beginning?! Alternatively, when you click “see all” say underneath a hotels room pics you don’t see all room pics but instead “see all” the hotel’s pics loaded period. Pretty frustrating when I’d like to look at only room pics or whatever. I’ve deleted the app before because of this but apparently it hasn’t bothered anyone else. TripAdvisor: I want to see pics in order of submission. New first. A hotel pic in 2005 or 2012 is irrelevant. Kept those at the bottom. Some places remodel/renovate. I don’t want old mixed with the recent.

A Must For Everyone

Retired about a year ago and it was a very important tool to book travel, find great restaurants and things to do. Ratings were accurate! Since retirement I still use it and find it equally useful. So user friendly! Try it!

Worst service ever!!!!

Stopped in Brooklyn’s restaurant south of Mile High Stadium in Denver to watch the second half of the Bronco game. Been sitting here 30 minutes and every table around us has wait people but we haven’t been helped. Take that back, my husband went to the bar and got us drinks. Worst ever, and we’re starving.

Tripadvisor Rocks !!!

Nothing on travel without TripAdvisor consult ..

Missing features

This app is built for travelers, and yet it doesn't include access to your inbox. You have to go to the full website to read private messages, which isn't always possible for people on the road.

Use app for all travel- change in search tool= 4

I love Trip Advisor and have used it for years both reading and posting reviews. Have not planned a trip without it for many years. My only issue is changes to the search engine. It is less user friendly as it wants to default to the last location, often when I do not. Would still give a 4.5 if that were an option.

Rude Bar

We were guests for just an evening at this Hilton. It is an attractive, new, clean and spacious place. The desk staff was polite but not cordial. Our issue was the bar tender. We sat for twenty minutes and were simply ignored. Other patrons would walk up next to us and be served while we were pointedly ignored. The hotel offered guests a free drink at the bar, which appeared to be worthless. I suspect that was the strategy to void giving away this little bonus. Why we were treated so rudely is otherwise a mystery to me. I will not pass this way again and admittedly I write this in anger, but I advise others to be cautious about this place.

Birds Eye Helicopter Tours

What a great way to see Rhode Island! Of course sightseeing on land is always a good idea but, for a totally neat experience, go on the helicopter tour - you will not be disappointed. Our guide was great and shared plenty of interesting facts about the area.

Great content but a bit clunky

Thanks to the user community, there is a wealth of info available. The app is a bit clunky and slow but tolerable since there is so much info. Appears they have taken out web links to push you toward using Viator, a related company.

Great help

I love this app, for food reviews , trips, places to go... everything!

Nico Johnson

Cassandra & Queen are are absolutely the best they worked with me accommodating all of my needs

Map accuracy terrible

Been sending updates for my place of employment’s map location - 252 MILES off course. Two-three times a week for five months requesting update. No phone to call, no email to write, no chat to engage in. Otherwise it’s a great source of info (as long as they map business location properly!).

Plastic Surgery

Dr Enrique Alejandro is so so good. I did a lot of research on surgeons in Guadalajara, or Dr Alejandro does most of his work, and compared his technique, his skills, and his training with the best surgeons in New York. My sister-in-law had had work done by Dr. uses the same technique and she looks amazing. I did my research and Dr Alejandro uses the latest under the muscle technique not used by many because they have not had the training. He takes his time and treated me as an individual piece of art, sculpting my face in a way that did not change the way I look but a younger version of myself. I don’t look like “ i’ve had work done”. I’m just younger looking. The Elaen Center in Nuevo Vallarta Connect to the San Javier hospital is clean, the staff professional and caring. Not only that but he would contact me to check up on me, to have me come in for regular checks up without extra charge. He’s young, professional and takes immense pride in his work.

Fantasy island amusement park

I agree with majority, in desperate need of care. Truly hoping for positive change! My suggestion, PLEASE lose the corny banjo music during an information call! Totally unnecessary. Difficult to hear options. Plus, you MIGHT want to update your operational schedule!?

كل ما تحتاجه لرحلتك القادمة

أستعين به لمعرفة الأماكن السياحية والمطاعم المدن التي ارغب في زيارتها. شكراً من الأعماق.

Good filter

Always a good bet when visiting a new place.

Trip Advisor is the Best International Resource

I do a fair amount of international travel. A recent 3 week trip through the Swiss, Italian and Austrian Alps proved that Trip Advisor remains the authority on lodging and dining outside of the North America. Robust crowd sourcing and outreach to businesses (Trip Advisor stickers are in the windows of many establishments) appear to be the key elements to this achievement and TA has these in spades. Areas of potential improvement include a more robust map interface and more diverse reviews on necessary travel resources (grocery stores, laundry etc.) For both I prefer Yelp which is also generally better within the U.S.

Start every vacation here!

I don’t know what I’d do without tripadvisor!...I plan every get-a -way through here. No matter how long your trip is. Where to eat, sleep, activities, shop, ratings, pictures. You don’t need any other travel app!!

Helpful guide

Great guide to visiting someplace new, without the extortion of Yelp. Gives you photos, reviews, and top 10 places to visit in each area. Super useful.

Don’t leave home without using trip advisor to make plans

Invaluable in planning out trips. Always so much to see, it this is an honest way to evaluate options and pick sights, attractions and dining that best suit our needs. I read several reviews where we are in doubt to get a good sense of experiences others have had. In return I write honest reviews to help other travelers as well.

TA overlooked something

Use TA all the time and rely on it for recommendations. Have the app installed on phone and iPad. What is frustrating is when I want to write a review. I open the app and can locate many choices of destinations, but I don’t see where it gives any option to write a review. I get emails regularly asking me to review a place we have been. But when I open the app I don’t see any option to write one. Did they overlook that? It is quite possible that I am the problem. Just saying!

Useful but too hotel-focused

Where do I go to find my prior reviews? The fact that this basic piece of functionality is either difficult to find or nonexistent is absolutely inexcusable. Hectors me to keep location on all the time for no apparent reason; no, you can get my location only when I need your app. And still sends me off in the direction of a random overseas city anyway when looking for hotels. I’m in Wichita, not Orleans, France. Get your act together, guys, you’re coming close to a one-star review.

Pinchos Restaurant in Aruba

Loved the ambiance, service (Floyd our waiter was great), and the food was outstanding.

Awful app

I’ve given up trying to find a button to push so I can write a review.

First stop when planning travel

I don’t think I’ve ever planned a trip without checking TripAdvisor!

Love Trip Advisor

Easy app to use on the go when looking for restaurants etc.

Great travel app!

Great travel app!!!!!!

Good room net and clean good customer services good breakfast


I love this app it's one of my favorites ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It is great just full of information from other travelers and pictures! ❤️


It’s great. Does what the website does.

Indispensable app for frequent travelers

I always use this app when I travel. Throw out the worst and best reviews and you get an accurate set of reviews.

Addis Ababa Hotels

We will be spending 2 nights in Addis Ababa next month. I was hoping to go to a Hilton Hotel, but Trip Advisor did not show that there was a Hilton in Addis. My friend who lives there told me to look into the new Ramada Hotel. Again, Trip Advisor did not have that Hotel on their list or map. I will no longer use this app to look for Hotels in cities unfamiliar to me.

Very helpful app

I use it for hotels, restaurants, shows, attractions. Very handy!

The warmest reception and service

I came into the AC Hotel in Louisville, KY, with my granddaughter on 8/18/18 and Joseph and Kelsie were a breath of fresh air blowing from check-in. They were sensitive to my frazzled state. Trying to keep a tired 3 year old composed in a lobby full of adults was one challenge. Finding the right card was the other! They were calming, patient and understanding. I enjoyed my stay and being uplifted by such beautiful people.

Use the app all the time

I love to post reviews from my hotel or restaurant stays across the world. I also use it personally before booking a hotel stay bc I like to read other reviews and see actual pictures from regular travelers like myself. The app functionality makes it easy to upload photos and write reviews. Although Trip Advisor has to review and “approve” every posting, they do so in a fairly quick fashion. I guess they are looking for foul language in the posts? Not sure. That’s the only odd thing is the review and approval process. Still a great app and recommend using it to get real reviews from real people.

I use TripAdvisor for everything

Love the app! Easy to use. No complaints.

Necesario para viajar

Es una herramienta necesaria para un viaje, ayuda mucho al momento de buscar donde comer y hospedarse 👍🏼

Love the trip advisor app

This app has helped us so much when we travel. We use it to find hotels and also to find restaurants and activities. It also helped us a lot when we moved to a new city!

What would I do without it

I use TripAdvisor whenever I travel and I travel a lot. I know what to do where to sleep and eat and all because fellow reviewers let me know their honest opinions. I can’t imagine how you can’t use this app.

Great Southern food and hospitality!!

We ate at the Old Mill in Pigeon Forge last night. Every meal comes with corn chowder, corn fritters, salad, mashed potatoes, vegetable and homemade dessert. I had roast beef (HUGE portion!), John had chicken & dumplings and Ron had catfish. I had blackberry cobbler a la mode for dessert and the guys had pecan pie. I was stuffed!!! Next to the restaurant is a Mill and waterfall. Wonderful atmosphere and reasonable prices!

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