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Thanksgiving Bruce

What a delightful find. We were traveling on Thanksgiving day and looking for a place to stop until our AirBnb was ready to check in at Estes Park. Surprisingly good beer, incredibly accommodating staff, toys for the toddler, and they let us call in food to make it lunch. These guys and gals are terrific.

Yasir Rocks!!

Greatest customer service I have every received. My first Thanksgiving without a family and he made my experience amazing! Thank you Yasir for your amazing personality and care.


I had breakfast here Thanksgiving morning. They still had there $9.99 two eggs special which is great if you are limiting calories. The restaurant in Mandalay Bay is lovely. Definitely has an upscale vibe, tables are extremely well placed so you are not on top of other diners. The breakfast was excellent but what made it stand out was the exceptional service from all the staff. They were working on Thanksgiving and when I commented to my server, Karen, that was sorry she had to work. With a huge smile she said” I am so grateful to have a job.” My hats off to Karen.

Sarasota Surf & Racquet

This is our third visit. The resort has a nice location right on the beach. When we spoke with the office, we received some incorrect information about paper goods and beach chairs. We have two suites in the tower building 902 and 904. We used 904 for Thanksgiving preparation. We experienced several issues. One of the burners on the stove is inoperable, the kitchen knives were very dull -- a injury waiting to happen, the toaster is of a very poor quality and of marginal use. The toaster does not end the cycle properly and has poor control of the toast level. This is especially ridiculous in a resort of this kind.


This is a great application for all types of travelers. My friend & I planned our entire trip based on suggestions & reviews seen on TripAdvisor. We visited 5 countries & 8 cities. They had something for every place we visited. It truly made our travel plans much easier. Thanks TripAdvisor & all the reviewers!

Universal Studios Orlando

My family had a fabulous vacation at Universal Studios Orlando (ages 14, 13, and 8). My #1 piece of advice is get the Express Passes. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel so the Passes came with our stay but now that I have been here, I would never go if I had to wait in the regular lines. We did not wait for more then 25 minutes for any ride - including the popular rides. Without those Passes, we could have waited 2 hrs. 100% worth it!!!! Our favorites...transformers, mummy, despicable me and at IOA we loved Harry Potter, Hulk, King Kong, and Spider-Man.

Great App

I've been using TripAdvisor app for several years on several different iPhones. No issues with the app. November 2017 Still good data but TA has gone commercial and the user needs to know that. Not all recommendations are from users. Apparently some choices are paid positions.

App needs an update

Good info and accurate ratings as I have come to expect. The App itself is in great need of an update to eliminate the crashing issue. When I toggle between Apps and come back to this one it ALWAYS crashes and shuts down. I like to add Trip Advisor info to my notepad. So maybe they do it by design? I’m looking for an option to this App.

The sun did not shine

Our dates to visit Villa Renaissance was from 11/8-11/15. Our reservations were rescheduled from March as a result of a parents illness. We were thankful the owners allowed us to reschedule without penalty. We stayed for the first few days in unit 307 and were transferred after three days due to a leaking roof to unit 305. My applause to VR management for their helpfulness and kindness at every turn😊 We recognize the resiliency of the resort community to pull together after the hurricanes to make quick repairs and provide the usual comfort on one of the world’s great beaches. The resort has been improved since our last visit two years ago.this being our 4th or 5th visit. Of concern ,was the smell of mold in unit 305. I am certain this will be addressed by mgmt as it relates to recent storm damage. Unit 307 was very nice and without the mold smell. My thanks to those who worked so hard to make our trip relaxing and comfortable even though the sun was not always shining on us. Mark at Lupo and folks at coco bistro, as always, were great with food and service excellent! The staff at the spa were very friendly with excellent skills. The islands need our visits to financially support their recovery. You will enjoy the beauty and fun of Turks and Caicos and especially the excellent restaurants. Villa Renaissance is a great place to call home on on a stay to Grace Bay. Zaplanatravel1352

Beijing Shangrila-la - the Indian Buffet Station

Superb fresh daily main of rack of lamb, leg of lamb, or while salmon. Jolly the Bengali Chef cooks them daily with equally wonderful sides of coconut curry beef or chicken, spicy veggies, & Palau rice and oh so many parathas, condiments. Ask for the reasonably priced Indian buffet. Salad bar is great and so too the desserts & ice deans.

Prison Break Escape Room

First time playing in an escape room, the staff was extremely helpful to help us make the most of our experience! Enjoyed thinking out of the box. Important to work well with others! Super fun!!!!

Awesome app!!

Awesome app!! So helpful for getting around new cities and finding awesome places!

Does Not Benefit Customer - Only Benefits Business

I used to think Trip Advisor was a good app to check before going somewhere but I quickly realized Trip Advisor is bias. They actively remove honest, negative reviews about businesses. Even if everything you say is true if they decide they want remove your post, they will. All this does is serve to support the businesses. It does nothing to help customers, it only serves to deceive. Save your time, check Yelp. There is a reason why the reviews on there are lower on average. They actually keep the negative reviews up.

Travelers Bible!

Best App for planning a trip!

Posting is such a pain!

I would love to post more reviews but the app has never worked well for me. Yes I have 41k photos on my phone, but when I go to write a review and post a picture it hangs for a good 5 minutes then sometimes allows me to post a photo. Most of the time the app then crashes and I lose my review so I give up. It’s been like this forever. Tell your developers not to try to load all the photos in one setting but in chunks. Your coders are pretty bad that they did this to begin with and still haven’t fixed it.

Fake news

Had no idea the FTC had TripAdvisor under review for removing truthful but negative reviews. In today’s hyper sensitive culture of safety I can’t believe a for profit business would actively block first hand warnings from consumers. Immediately deleting and will never use again.

Great app

Use it for business and leisure travel alike. Save yourself some time and angst and use this app.

Company places profits over customer’s safety

Trip Advisor has a history of placing greedy profits over the safety and welfare of their customers. When customers posted negative reviews warning other travelers of crimes committed against them, or being victims of fraudulent practices, etc., TripAdvisor deleted these reviews under the banner that they didn’t meet their guidelines. If you don’t believe me, please google, “TripAdvisor deletes negative reviews.”

Trip Advisor Edits Reviews

Trip Advisor removes any warnings or safety issues that other users try to inform people of. The FTC is even investigating them for said practices! I have removed this app, as I want true opinions and reviews. Isn’t that the reason we use these type apps, for real world information?!

Desktop App is Better

The mobile app is great for finding hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc., but for writing reviews and info from my profile, it’s lagging behind the desktop version. I write all reviews on my desktop rather than my phone for this reason, and as a result, my reviews are not as timely as I would like.

Do not support

The app is fine, the places are nice, it’s very helpful, but the company is corrupt. The company deleting people’s comments warning about rape and violence? I suggest they everyone delete this app or do not download it. I refuse to support a company who is willing to allow its own customers to go to certain places where they could be put in extreme danger.

Despicable ethics.

I have no room on my phone for an app from a company that would cover up rapes and assaults. Good riddance.

Used to plan every trip

Pictures of hotel properties alway helpful. Read reviews with a critical eye. Patterns indicate what's going on. Not the outliers.

Fix it

I've used trip advisor notifications for years to save time and money but using them in app is NON-EXISTENT. And adding them in Safari is impossible, because it keeps saying I need to put in the originating airport and the destination after I already did and it doesn't add it! Please make this a priority in app and on your site using iPhone 7 safari, then I will change my review.

Let me choose my sort preference

Why can’t I select my sort preference and have the app remember it? Every time I conduct a search I have to change the sort from TA’s opinion of “best value” (which I am not interested in whatsoever) to “ranking.”

Makes going to bee places even more fun.

I already really not sure how I got into reviewing on trip advisor. I used the app to find places quick that were near me on trips. I started out slow and then got addicted to this app. After I go to a new place I can't wait to be able to review it. I also like how I get badges and points and the app lets me know when my review has helped someone. This app was a life saver on my trip to Italy and I haven't stopped since. Great job. I'm a trip advisor user for life.

Best app for traveling

This app is a must for traveling but also is perfect for staying in your local area. I find useful reviews on everything from hotels and restaurants to attractions and activities.


The app is fine - but does anyone else notice how many IDIOTS out there are leaving hotel and restaurant reviews HERE - the App Store- thinking they are leaving them on Trip Advisor!?!? Wanna have some fun? Scroll down and count them! It just makes me shake my head! How dumb are people!?

Cash or credit

It would be helpful to know which restaurants are cash only or take credit cards, esp in Mexico (Puerto Vallarta).

My secret weapon to find restaurants in new towns

I travel frequently and I use trip advisor to find the best restaurants in the towns I visit. This has let me find some hidden gems that I would have missed. I give back by writing reviews myself which I believe is the reason that the rankings can be trusted vs those from paid reviewers. I have used Trip Advisor to find attractions as well but not as much. I keep my hotel stays at Hilton to bank points so I don’t use the hotel reviews as much.

Always helps

Love using trip advisor to pick new restaurants and entertainment when in it out of town. Then ratings don’t lie!

Excellent Service

I visit Dallas a lot to see my grandparents and I always stay at the (extended Stay America Dallas Market Center) area because it is right in the middle of everything , and easy for me commute. This trip I was greeted by Stephanie the front desk lady , she was so nice and accommodating to me and my sister the whole trip , any questions I had , she answered them and She made us feel comfortable. The place is very clean and I love the kitchen part for our long stays while we are in town . I would highly recommend this place if you want good service and clean everything then this is the place for you😌:)!!!!!!!! This is my number one place every time I come to town ! Thank you again , we will be back !!!! Muah , Tink


When traveling away from home or considering new adventures in food and drink we almost always rely on Trip Advisor. You can’t go wrong.

good application

a very good application for finding good restaurants and hotels

What did people do before Trip Advisor?

Many thanks to Trip Advisor!! We would never have found the great restaurants and hotels through Europe & Asia & the States without it. The address in the local language is a brilliant feature—

Maps of no use

I downloaded a 300mb map for our vacation, yet it doesn't show up for use.

Needs improvement

Can’t filter the choices in a manner that is useful such as cannot choose restraints that serve breakfast

Harrah’s Cherokee

The wife and I visit this facility every few months. In addition I have participated in the World Series Of Poker Circuit Events which are now held three times per year in Cherokee. Once inside the hotel or casino, this facility is identical to anything one would find in Vegas. It is very easy to decipher reviews which are negative. Folks who lose money gambling will always find something to complain about. I shall address the three areas most will find useful, hotel, food and gambling. With respect to the hotel rooms, they are as nice as anyone would expect. I’m sure there are differences between the Room classes, but we are comped, and the only complaints we have is that we have never had a microwave and the rooms are made up very late in the day, sometimes not until after 4 pm. Also, they really don’t want you to visit contracted restaurants like Rio or Ruth’s Chris, as you can’t even find their phone extension or menu in the room. With respect to food, don’t bring children, as those under 21 are not allowed on the casino floor, and this is where the food court is. Always thought this was really stupid. There are 2 premium restaurants which I mentioned above. Both expensive but high quality national chains. No complaints. The food court is not inexpensive, but pretty standard for a casino property. No surprises, except that there is a new restaurant at the new bowling ally. Food good, and arcade and bowling for $1.50 a line on Wednesday and $2 on Tuesday is quite a deal. With respect to the gambling, the Poker room is very nice, and offers no limit hold em starting at 1/2. Omaha is offered as well. All the table games are offered, and there is a high limit room. Lots of high tech slots, where the uneducated gamblers congregate. Last not for blackjack players, House hits soft 17 and Surrender is not offered. I think house holds on soft -7 in high limit room, $50 minimum! Overall we have no serious complaints about Harrah’s Cherokee.

The residence at Hacienda Encantada

I had the best vacation ever at the HaciendaEncantada the week of Nov 4 -11 . I think a lot of it had to do with our butler Jossue , he did an incredible job of taking care of our every whim .he was there within just a few minutes to take us to the beautiful pools and every restaurant we wanted to go to and always with a smile on his face . I would definitely ask for him again. I think we were at every restaurant where everyone was very friendly and our hostess Brenda always greeted us warmly . We were celebrating my daughters 50th birthday and our waiter Giovanni Simon made it an extra special evening . I can’t wait to go back Janbarbic

My staycation at Vivanta by Taj in Goa, India

I was booked to stay at this Hotel on a leisure and family vacation trip for two weeks. First of all, I must state that this trip was a simply amazing one for me personally!! The service at this hotel was impeccable right from the front desk to The waitstaff, the travel desk to the housekeeping staff. I have traveled to many places in the world but Nowhere have I witnessed the hospitality, honesty and integrity of these wonderful people!! The hotel was clean, comfortable , had free WiFi and was virtually noise free considering it is in the heart of the city. If I ever traveled to India again I would book at this hotel in heartbeat!! Thanks Vivanta , Pangim for making my stay so memorable .

5 year anniversary

Me and my wife decided to stop in at the salt life food shack and I would have to say my waitress Nicole was very personable and made the experience very enjoyable and worth the money spent , I’m In The customer service business myself and I’m a believe if the service is bad that it should reflect on the amount of tip left. I usually leave 18% but once meeting Nicole she was great and it made me feel good about leaving above and beyond that amount. This is our first time coming to Saint Augustine And So far loves the beaches and the people. We will visit again and will definitely recommend the Salt Life food shack . P.s the food was Great as well.

TA has lost their way

With an increased focused on implementing revenue generation via the website, TA has entirely forgotten about why people visit the website in the first place - ITS REVIEWERS! I’ve always loved TA to find great places to stay, eat at, and explore while on holiday and to also share my experiences to help other plan the perfect trip. Recently I’ve found that I barely contribute to TA and have seen that many of the most well-traveled reviewers are not leaving new feedback. The issue, there is absolutely NO reward to leave reviews on TA like there are on ALL other similar platforms. There’s no thank you, no real recognition as it’s simple to reach Expert Level 6 which is their highest level, and no effort to creat a community. I still contribute now and then but I use Yelp, Lonely Planet and other sites to find dirt on my travel destinations now. I sure wish that TA would give more recognition to the reviewers who literally create the foundation of their product. If they don’t, I anticipate the brand will continue to dwindle as a travel authority.

Cabo adventures- Sea of Cortez

We had the most amazing time in this trip. The service and team was outstanding! Poncho, the guide made sure every detail was perfect. The Catamaran and crew superb! Highly recommend!

I love T&A!

Seriously though this app has opened my eyes and broadened my food horizons buy introducing me to local fare with amazing stories. Thanks for the T&A!

Best cheese dog ever

Cheese dog with onions was excellent! I can’t wait to try the rest of that Coney dogs in the Chicago dogs etc.

Offline downloads fail

The offline cities feature doesn't work. Clicking down either does nothing, or it gets to 99% then silently fails saving the data.

Download Feature now working

It won’t let me download the offline guide. I reinstalled the app several times. I also have plenty of space on my phone

Disappointed that trip advisor has deleted my comments

Checking my reviews, my review on Cyprus Crown Hotel Horizon along with many others has been deleted. It was the most disgusting place I have ever stayed in! I wrote this to help other travellers. Very disappointed. I will no longer be making any more reviews

Good app

This app comes in handy when gathering perspectives on something you’re about to visit / try. However, I do recommend the app being updated to allow the original author to go make minor corrections to his/her review after submission without having to completely delete it and start over. Along with that recommendation, I believe a review submission monitor should have to review and approve the change to avoid reviewers totally changing the meaning of their original post.

Can’t live without this App

This is my “go to” app to check out new restaurants in the area, or where I will be traveling, as well as accommodations. Reading the review is as important as finding the place to go! Anyone who is dining out or vacationing, needs this app.

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