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Use it all the time

A guide for checking out places Specially as vegan good to find suggestions and help other fellow vegans. Need to watch out over positive comments when just a few reviews. Spooky it knows where i have been.

To slow

From writing a review and seeing it being posted takes very long. No fun anymore. It used to be better. Further, you should be able to "follow" travelers who a posting comments

Access reviews/feedbacks in ALL languages

The app is amazing and its easy to use, the only thing I would improve is that the feedbacks/reviews on hotels etc. could be shown in all languages, like on the computer version. I would really appreciate, if you could add this feature on the next update :)

Almost excellent

Very good app to help you find lots of attractions, accommodations and anything else connected with traveling around you. Most places are the typical tourist locations, some not so well known places would also be nice. And because many travelers dont have a data connection abroad but can use gps a true app offline experience would be perfect.

Needs language options like in the website

Needs language options like in the website. But finally improved with kategories. Needs an owner app or at least options

Really needs some constructive work!

Great information available but its not as user friendly as it could or should be. I couldnt sign in due to a user name taken issue but could not tell which name needed the change. No block was labeled "user name" so I gave up on it and was told the info available may be limited as a guest user.

Verry useful app

I have been using his app and I can recommend it to an traveller that wish to get great experience.


Love TA but the updated app is very frustrating loading new locations. It used to be very simple but now I just meet with frustration.

Great app. I use the dining reviews all the time.

Great app. I use the dining reviews all the time. I have found some real treasures using this app. I highly recommend having this app on your phone.

Great app

I use it all the time. Easy to use and the reviews give both highs and lows of travel destinations. Helps plan out our traveling especially when we dont know our destination area.

Mobile doesnt link to app

Mobile doesnt link to app...this is very frustrating. When on mobile, you only get to see 3 reviews. It then tells you to continue to app if you want to see more. By continue to app, I would expect it to continue looking at the review you were looking at on mobile, but it doesnt.

Good App

With new ISO update for apple this app keeps booting me out when I try to read user reviews on places theyve stayed need to fix that bug.

Horrible app

The website is better. Do install the app or you wont be able to stay on the website!

Convenience at your fingertips!

This app was integral during our trip to the UK this year. We were able to find restaurants, books hotels and find paces to visit that would have otherwise been lost to us. The interface with booking especially makes travelling easier. Great app!

Love the app

I love this app. It provides easy access for researching all aspects of a trip and is so easy to use when writing a review.

Best travel app youll ever have

Ive been using trip advisor for a little under two years now. It never fails to disappoint. Every major attraction, eatery, and accommodation is listed for literally anywhere you can think of. If, by chance, you should find a place they missed (I have, once!) there is an option to submit a new location. Its fun to be one of the first to review a given location, and each review can give you very helpful insight and tips to help you plan the perfect adventure, whatever youre looking for.

Trip Advisor is great, and so is the app!

I cant say enough how amazing Trip advisor is. Such an easy yet reliable way to find amazing gems everywhere you go! I love leaving reviews for places that I love and recommend, and I havent been let down once when trying something that was highly rated. <3

Great !

I have yet to find any issues with the app! Its just perfect experience of tripadvisor you can get in your phone !! Love this app, keep it up!

Fantastic even when offline travelling

Love the maps and the ability to bookmark restaurants, areas of interest, and be able to access them without Internet (GPS still works)! However Ive notice not all restaurants by ranking are listed (skips some numbers) but this is minor. I rely heavily on the reviews and ratings on tripadvisor when planning travel as I find them to be quite accurate. One annoying feature is that even if you have already reviewed the app, it keeps asking you to review it with pop ups :/


So useful, easy to navigate, I use it all the time!

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